Reflections: HVAC and Controls

“My participation with CUSD provided me with a great experience and allowed me to apply Systems Engineering concepts to a real life project.  Even though the SRF is only in its beginning stages, the work that our sub-team is critical in building a knowledge base so that a state-of-the-art research facility can be built.” – Nick Bell, Sub-Team Leader

Schematic Diagram of a Reconfigurable Ventilation System


This year we identified all the different components that can comprise an HVAC system along with a plumbing and waste water treatment system.  We took care to identify the positive and negative attributes of each component and also their maintenance requirements and documented how they will affect the system design.  Students developed multiple schematic diagrams showing different ways the components could be integrated into one system.  In addition to these important component analyses, we have started creating computer models of HVAC systems.  We have done work with EnergyPlus and eQuest to determine the efficacy of different HVAC systems and are also modeling in Simulink to begin to develop a controller for the HVAC system.

About Jesse McElwain

Jesse is a third year student in Architecture. He is the Director of Publicity and Communications for CUSD, and co-directs the Site Determination & Design sub-team for the Sustainability Research Facility.
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