An extremely photogenic building...

We finally got to see the famous Jouberton Nursery a project by Nottingham University. Education Africa is using this project as a new benchmark in their Social Architecture program. The Jouberton project was commended for their execution and orchestration of fundraising, design and efficient construction, despite the complex form.

The students and teachers were welcoming. We roamed around and conducted our assessment. Like Newton said: ” We stand on the shoulders of giants…”. Such projects will only inspire us to do better. New projects should set new benchmarks and we shall! This is not a competition but a push for better and more sustainable building innovations and better spaces for the children.

Let’s see what we can do. More pictures under the cut!

About Jesse McElwain

Jesse is an Architecture student at Cornell University. He is the Logistics and Communications Director of Cornell University Sustainable Design and a Team Leader for both current projects, Schoolhouse South Africa and the Sustainability Research Facility.
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