Two Long Years: James and “Pezza”

After a long day of visiting past Social Architecture projects in Orange farm, we finally got to meet James Urdang, Founder and Executive Director of Education Africa. It was two years since he last visited the Cornell campus, along with Marlene Wagner and Dan Fisher (President of Education Africa – USA). They came to introduce the Social Architecture program which did not really catch on at that time with the students or faculty members. It has been a long way since then and we were eager to catch up on life.

James had kindly invited us for dinner with his family. Dinner was a pleasant mix of pizza (“pezza”), salad, laughs and a hint of strategies to come for our project. Excitement and anxiety for our new project seems to fill the air and cannot escape our conversations. We merely washed it down with beer and hard cider.

The night ended with pictures of us and the Urdang family dog. A new day tomorrow and we are looking forward to waking up – washed with South African sun.

About Jesse McElwain

Jesse is an Architecture student at Cornell University. He is the Logistics and Communications Director of Cornell University Sustainable Design and a Team Leader for both current projects, Schoolhouse South Africa and the Sustainability Research Facility.
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