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The Selected Design

The Selected Design: Armadillo Creche

After a grueling semester of intense research, fast-paced design, and even faster development, the final design scheme has been chosen. With the help from our partners and advisors, professors and peers, we’ve narrowed down the proposed designs from 62 to the final scheme. “Armadillo Crèche embraces the neccessity of a fence or wall for protection. Similar to an … Continue reading

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Ode to the Profs: Steven McQueen ain’t got Nothing on your Dig


When we were kids, digging a hole to China was always the best pass time. Some cool rocks were found along the way, maybe some worms if we were lucky, and we could stop when we hit the bottom of the sandbox or when our mom called us in for sandwiches. This semester, we curved our path a … Continue reading

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And then there were 10…


This blog is a guest contribution from Carly Dean. She is a member of CUSD and a second year architecture student at Cornell. Edited by Heidi Schmitt. We did not realize the weight of the word ‘team’ before the studio shifted into the second phase of the design process. Phase II meant that sixty designs were narrowed down to twenty … Continue reading

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I Need a Time Turner

Page 15_RWANDA_View from Canteen Towards Kitchens and Farm_0

Before we had a big project assigned last year, our professor would kindly suggest we “get our affairs in order.” Unfortunately this advice is no longer applicable. Our affairs needed to be in order yesterday. We need self-replenishing mini-fridges, socks that clean and darn themselves, and Target stores inside personal Mary Poppins bags. Alas,

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Video — an Architect’s Perspective

Screen shot 2011-02-19 at 10.14.10 PM

Our second video post is here! — Schoolhouse South Africa from the architecture perspective. Schoolhouse South Africa is truly interdisciplinary, composed of many groups that work on different aspects of the project. In this particular video, I wanted to capture the essence of SSA from the perspective of the architecture students and staff – their thoughts, challenges, and … Continue reading

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